BookingSync themes are made up of Liquid template files, each serving their own unique purpose. For example, search.liquid is used to display multiple rentals, and rental.liquid is used to show the details of a single rental.

Theme Structure

A BookingSync theme comprises the following directories:

  • images
  • javascripts
  • layouts
  • snippets
  • stylesheets
  • templates

Images directory

The images directory contains all the images used in the theme, including theme images and vendors images.

Javascripts directory

The javascripts directory contains all the javascripts files used in the theme.

You can write javascript using javascript or coffeescript languages.

Layouts directory

The layouts directory contains theme layout templates. All Liquid templates inside the templates folder are rendered inside the theme.liquid file.

Snippets directory

The snippets directory contains all the theme’s Liquid snippet files, which are bits of code that can be referenced in other templates of a theme.

Use the include tag to load a snippet into your theme.

{% include 'snippets/home_slider' %}

Stylesheets directory

The stylesheets directory contains all the CSS files used in the theme.

You can write CSS using css, scss or sass languages.

Templates directory

The templates directory contains all other Liquid templates:

Debug mode

The Debug Mode makes assets, Javascripts and CSS, to be served without being merged, minified and compressed, this allow to see directly the results once updated without affecting all public viewers. It’s also easier while debugging as we do not currently support source maps.